Testimonial 1:

“I received hypnotherapy from Chika. Although I had previous experience with hypnotherapy, it was the first time I truly connected with myself. I mentioned that I disliked the house that appeared during the session. While the information was limited this time, I feel that I encountered what I needed in my current life.

A day after visiting the salon, I recalled something. Although the scale was different, I had drawn an image of a similar house in the past (44-45 years ago). In my early twenties, I sketched various landscapes, including a cream-colored house. Before sketching on the canvas, I wanted to stylize the ordinary house, resulting in a peculiar depiction. I altered the form of the house, emphasized the triangular roof, changed the cream-colored walls to grey, and the brown roof to dark pink. It became a somewhat eerie house. At the time, I didn’t understand why I made those adjustments, but it clicked during this session.

When Chika asked about the purpose or theme of my present life, I mentioned two Kanji characters. Recently, while organizing a small container that I had kept at the household altar for many years, I found a note. It had the two Kanji characters circled in brackets and written prominently. There were subsequent bullet points, including the stylized image, the note I left at the household altar, and other thought and behavioral patterns. I don’t think everything should be linked, but I feel that the connection between past and present lives was expressed somewhere, and I began to glimpse the situation I was in.

There have been various things that have become easier for me. For instance, I used to want to understand the karmic ties with my relatives, but now they seem less relevant. I wonder if they were traps to achieve my goals. No one from my current life appeared in this session. I can’t help but feel that I’ve been pushing myself and believing that I’m alone, repeating a life where I can’t achieve my purpose. Loving oneself in the midst of these feelings is something I’ll have to work on, but I feel like I can save myself. It has been three weeks since the therapy. When I learned about the ‘inner child,’ I had flashbacks for a while. This time, there have been more gentle realizations, which I’m enjoying. As I mentioned earlier, Chika showed me the past life I needed for my current self. I’m looking forward to the next clue. Chika, thank you again.”

Testimonial 2:

“Thank you for today. It was a very, very intriguing experience. It wasn’t hypnosis, but in a previous session where I observed another person’s past life, I couldn’t understand anything at all. So, honestly, at first, I was anxious about whether I would truly understand my past life this time. However, when I tried Chika’s hypnotherapy, images came to my mind with each question, even though I didn’t fall asleep or feel like I was under hypnosis. In my past life this time, I was a European man. Other people who appeared were my current family. It seems to be connected to the past life that my current self needs. I felt that the conflicts from that past life were still connected as challenges in this life. I naturally shed tears upon receiving a message from my past self, feeling a sense of understanding and relief. Also, I was happy to sense that my past self was somehow pleased at the end. I was extremely satisfied with Chika’s hypnotherapy! The pleasant atmosphere and trust in the hypnotherapist also seem to be important factors. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you.”

Testimonial 3:

“I felt that my true power had returned during the session.

I had always been interested in hypnotherapy, but accessing the subconscious meant that it was not just about the technique, but also about trusting the therapist’s personality. This made me hesitant, and I didn’t have the opportunity to receive it easily.

This time, a trusted friend introduced me to Chika, and I had my first experience of hypnotherapy. I was nervous, but Chika kindly and gently guided me, making it easier for me to enter the hypnotic state than I had anticipated.

While I can vaguely perceive my past lives on my own, I realized that experiencing them through guided hypnotherapy is a different depth of experience. When I discovered that my past life brother is my current daughter, I felt a strong joy of ‘meeting’ again, and tears started to flow involuntarily.

Additionally, although I couldn’t comprehend it with my mind, I felt a sense of something being resolved deep inside, and tears flowed naturally, making me feel healed. After the healing of this past life ‘me,’ I could see the joy and confidence overflowing in my future self, which I had never felt before. This deeply moved me, and I felt a surge of strength from deep within my body, causing more tears to flow on their own.

At the end of the therapy, when I opened my eyes, I felt as if I was a different person, and my true strength had returned. It was exactly what I had been seeking: a resolution to my feeling of living as a different self, feeling unsettled, and wanting to overcome the lack of power.

It was a very mysterious experience, but also a very happy one. Thank you so much.”